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Our deep impact offerings for organisations and senior leadership teams to showcase people power and provide results that inspire. These programmes allow us to review, redefine and reimagine your organisation and its people to make it future ready faster.

Organisational Pulse Check

RPE is commonly called upon to conduct a hands-on, holistic organisational health check to examine the ‘DNA’ of a business and navigate the path to root cause resolution.  When you engage RPE, we perform an initial assessment to understand your business,  uncover your organisation’s core challenges and opportunities across Strategy, Structure, People and Process and ensure the bespoke blueprint for change is truly aligned to your the defined outcomes of success.  We do this via key stakeholder interviews, bespoke Survey Diagnostics (cultural sentiment, change readiness, business fitness), best practice industry analytics, observation and focus groups and a variety of leadership capability assessments.

Bespoke Leadership Workshops

RPE offers a variety of bespoke capability and transformation workshops to suit
businesses of all shapes & sizes. Depending on organisational needs, some of
the areas of focus could be Strategy & Alignment; Developing Business
Purpose; Change & Transition; Team ‘ Ways of working’ or Vision / Mission /
BHAG.  All workshops include pre-workshop assessment to tailor the workshop
to the agenda, building and facilitation of bespoke workshop, post-workshop
insights and actions as well as a post workshop report.

Leadership Team Impact &
Performance based Coaching

Our leadership coaching program is centred around delivering measurable, tangible results for a collective leadership team. We believe that connected, focused and fit leadership teams are the drivers of organisational success and together can inspire their teams to do the same. The programme is made up of interactive team workshops and check-ins, usually held over a 6-12 month period. Program scheduling is flexible, based around team needs and availability. Whilst our program is uniquely designed to the needs of each particular leadership team, we take a proven and fundamental approach the program by diagnosing current state of play utilising the GSI diagnostic tool (see below), pinpointing the team’s overarching vision and collective and then developing and embedding a set of Guiding Principles.

Executive Leadership Assessment

Our CEO People & Culture Assessment examines the impact of the CEO on critical organisational success factors (employee satisfaction, organisational trust, readiness for change, energy levels, and faith in leadership)

The first part, the Capability Impact Assessment, involves a brief survey completed by the company’s key stakeholders. It evaluates the CEO’s leadership skills and behaviors, and how these affect the main workforce and the execution of the company’s strategy.

The second part is the People & Culture Assessment. This quick survey is completed by all organization members, and it measures how efficiently the CEO is overseeing and managing factors that influence the successful delivery of the company’s strategy.

The data gathered from these assessments helps formulate targeted development plans for the CEO, and offers organisation-wide insights in a comprehensive report..

The Impact Team Index (ITI) is a unique and powerful tool that provides a comprehensive overview of a team’s dynamics and effectiveness.

The real value lies in its ability to go beyond individual capabilities to assess the combined strength and potential of a team. This collective view allows for a more accurate understanding of the team’s impact on organisational culture, performance, and commercial sustainability.

The ITI uses non-invasive surveying (both self and 360 assessment) to evaluate not just individual roles but also the effectiveness of the executive team as a whole. This dual focus helps bring to light the intricate interplay between individual contributions and overall team dynamics.

The Human Synergistics Group Styles Inventory (GSI) is the only research-based tool that provides a valid and reliable measure of how people in groups interact with each other and work as a team to solve problems.

It is the most widely recognised and respected tool used by professionals in the field of organisational development and helps both individuals and organisations develop effective leadership and teamwork skills.

The GSI measures the extent to which an individual

  • Is motivated to develop themselves and their skills – Self-Actualising
  • Encourages and supports others in a group context – Humanistic/Encouraging
  • Is defensive or resistant to feedback, change or influence from others – Defensive

The assessment itself contains 12 items which participants are asked to rate, using a 5-point Likert scale, indicating their level of agreement or disagreement. The GSI can be used for leadership development, team building and organisational culture assessment. It can also assist individuals and teams to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, along with their potential for personal and professional growth.

Organisation Design and Change

We partner with your business to perform a strategic and operational deep dive into the functions and capability of your people, structure and process, that allows us to uncover, diagnose and assess the gap between your current business performance and your strategic vision.

This allows us to provide recommended interventions for immediate and future action to ensure the organisations ongoing prosperity. We develop a set of blueprints for easy implementation that sets the way for effective organisational redesign and appropriate actions of change.

To ensure the successful implementation of the blueprints, we can deliver the following for your business:

  • Job redesign and success profiling
  • Change & Communication Planning across the Business
  • Design and facilitation of change management workshops
  • Facilitation of rightsizing and restructure discussions and job impacts (redeployments, managed exits and redundancy)
  • Career Transition Management

Organisational Diagnostics

At RPE, we know that empowering people, powers results. That’s why we offer our clients bespoke, tailor-made diagnostic solutions specific to the organisation’s collective needs.

Our process starts with understanding those organisational needs. RPE will deepdive into the business strategy, previous survey results or data insights and areas for development to create a diagnostic that will produce action-oriented results and insights.

The diagnostic experience has user experience at its core. We cater to the various nuances that come from different industry types and ways of working. Our bespoke diagnostics can focus on areas including business cultural sentiment, employee change readiness, change programme effectiveness, leadership/strategic impact, pre/post-merger integration and more.

We collaborate with teams internally to design the best survey method for an organisation and choose the way each workforce can best engage and respond. From here, we pinpoint the data and analytics needed to create a marked and sustainable difference before providing easy-to-understand reports and actionable advice that solves organisational needs.

That’s future ready, faster.

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    What Our Clients Say

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    Marcella, Carmelina, and the Real People Equity team have been a crucial part of helping transition through a recent period of rapid growth, which saw the team double in size in just a matter of months. Like all small businesses moving into the next stage of development, we were experiencing growing pains and struggling to get the original start-up team on the same page. Marcella took the time to really understand our business needs and core values and help us make important decisions about where to focus our energy and how best to move forward.

    Fiona MacDonald CEO

    Science Alert

    We have been partnering with Real People Equity for several years now on diverse projects coupled with ongoing Coaching support. Marcella and her team are trusted partners who I rely on and use their expertise in building teams, aligning skills and capability for future growth and change management. Marcella's coaching style is authentic and warm however very accountable and focused - it's proven to be crucial in building the confidence of my leadership team and she is a trusted advisor to me in my journey of growth. Her passion for connecting people to their goals and success is rare and refreshing. RPE continues to be quality People partners for our Business and will remain so as we evolve and grow. I highly recommend them to any other Business seeking expertise in successful transformation, authentic coaching and sustainable organisational performance

    Robert Salha Managing Director

    Yatsal Distributors Pty Ltd

    We have been working with Marcella and her team for many years. She has been a huge asset to our business … fast becoming the voice of reason and guiding hand in all matters of team, culture and HR. Marcella has also tailored and run a number of workshops for our team strengthening our culture and keeping us all connected and focused on our common objectives. Navigating small business is hard and finding the right support can be difficult. Marcella has carved out a perfect niche to assist small business think like big business whilst keeping the heart and soul of a family business. I will forever be grateful for Marcella.

    Alexandra Kidd Director

    Alexandra Kidd

    Marcella’s [RPE’s] Executive Coaching is genuinely the most valuable learning experience I’ve had. Marcella’s empathic and meaningful approach to coaching makes me feel comfortable and confident in my ability to evolve as a person and as a leader. This level of trust is essential for true change and I feel as though I can be open and honest with Marcella and she to me and thus far, the outcome has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for your mentorship and guidance and I recommend other executives (with or without mentors/coaches) to find the time to work with Marcella, she really is unique in her approach to leadership and coaching and will no doubt influence a positive change.

    Daniel Chiha Co CEO


    On a number of occasions I’ve had the benefit of partnering with Marcella Davis and RPE in my role as CEO of Fantastic Furniture and Group CEO Household Goods - Greenlit Brands.
    A major piece of work Marcella facilitated in 2014 for Fantastic Furniture was the complete restructuring and realignment of the HR function, the development of the remuneration and reward program, and the recruitment of C Suite executives (HR Director and CFO). This required many hours of work with the executive leadership team and presentations to the FHL Board. Marcella also worked closely with me on the closure of one our smaller retail businesses, and to her credit the people process was managed without a single issue, again a testament to her level of professionalism. Having worked with many consultants over the years I’ve always found Marcella and her team add immense value, bringing broad strategic thinking and workable solutions that enable management to execute with ease. I’m very comfortable in recommending Marcella and RPE for their professional services, they are real partners with commercial acumen and return on investment is guaranteed.

    Deborah Singh Board Director

    Fantastic Furniture

    Marcella, Carmelina and the team at Real People have partnered with my organisation for over 12 months, driving change programs, operational efficiencies and supporting through transitions with excellence. RPE’s support span across research, planning, executing and measuring successes of the People and Culture strategy and plan. RPE’s focus on industry trends and best practice enables my leadership team to remain future focused, constantly striving to be the best place to work and approaching changing situations with a growth mindset. The relationship we have with RPE is a true partnership, where trust is at the forefront each and every day.

    Juliette Hill Director of People

    BAI Australia